About Us

"It's a Fridge Thing" Productions, Inc. is a media production company redefining the way photography, videography, cinematography and online media is purveyed. We are storytellers that capture your moments and ideas with feeling and imagination that continues to live even after the moment is gone.  Life is full of moments that can not be repeated. We pride ourselves on capturing those traditional and non-traditional moments allowing them to live forever.  Our sole purpose is to provide our clients with aesthetically captivating and timeless media. 

Although we are based in Chicago, we have had the pleasure of expanding our clientele to other cities across the United States including Phoenix, Detroit, Las Vegas, New Orleans and the surrounding cities of Chicago, Illinois.


1525 E. 53rd St. Suite 420
Chicago, Il 60625

All images within the website galleries are photos taken by the staff of 'Its A Fridge Thing' Productions, inc. © 2015 

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