Welcome to our Wedding Information Form! Here we ask extensive, but important questions that will provide us with all of the important information about your wedding day so that we can be as efficient as possible. Please fill out the form as much as possible so that we can have as much information prior to the event. We are looking forward to working for and with you! It is a very exciting time and we could not be more happier to be apart of it. Talk to you soon!

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Wedding Date
This is the desired or selected package of your media needs for your wedding day.
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Wedding Detail Questions
Someone who knows a lot of your guests would be ideal. This is the person we will call if we get lost or can’t find an important guest.
By providing us with a meal in the same room as your guests, we can capture all of the impromptu moments and speeches that happen. If you’re unable to provide a meal, we’ll have to leave to go get food (on the clock) during that time.